DS18S20 1-wire adapter inside connector case

There are plenty of schematics diagrams and instructions for a Dallas 1-wire RS232 serial port adapters, for example this one. On this page, I document my adapter made on a vero board that fits inside a DB-9 serial cable connector case. A female DB9 connector fits any 9-pin PC serial port. If your computer does not have a serial port, any USB to serial adapter will do.

On Linux, use the digitemp program to read the sensors. It is available on most Linux distributions as a package.

On the component side, there is just about room to all parts. No jumper wires needed.

On solder side, no need to cut any of the copper strips on the vero board.

There are a lot of very different DB-9 connector casings. This is what I happened to already have. I believe almost any casing will have enough room for this type of adapter, even on a vero board.

Fits in perfectly.

Closed connector casing and finished product.