1. patch DVB CVS head and dvbtune CVS version with http://www.iki.fi/hyvatti/dvb/ patches.

  2. Try tuning (the freq is from that Turku tv list):

    ./dvbtune -f 146000000 -s 6900 -qam 128 -I 0 -m
    With my patches this also displays AFC offsets if it is able to lock. Send me email about what values you see, I would like to know. If no lock, try small offsets like +-62500, +-125000 Hz etc. Then try changing inversion, with flag -I 1 instead of -I 0. Also it might be easiest to tune the QAM64 stream, so try that one too. If it does not tune, maybe syslog has some clues? Please send me email about that in that case.

  3. Dump the info as XML:

    ./dvbtune -f 146000000 -s 6900 -qam 128 -I 0 -i > 146.xml
    Convert it into channels.conf. The resulting file was fine for older versions of vdr, now it needs some had editing:
    ./xml2vdr 146.xml > channels.conf
    Catenate all resulting files for different frequencies to one channels.conf. Edit channels.conf followingly: