CSE 510 Project Milestone: An assembler for the PIC 16C84 Microcontroller

My Project Milestone was to put together a portable PIC 16C84 assembler and disassembler and demonstrate their correct operation. In particular, I need to demonstrate that the assembler can assemble code into an object format (INHX8M), which the disassembler can correctly disassemble back to a reasonable approximation of the original code.

For details on the 16C84 chip look here.

(The INHX8M object format doesn't have symbol tables, so I can't do symbols in the disassembly.)

Assembler "features" as of the present:

The assembler and disassembler worked, and were used to:

PIC 16C84 Overview

The PIC 16C84 is an 8-bit CMOS EEPROM microcontroller. Here is the overview from its manual:


High performance RISC-like CPU:

Peripheral features:

Special microcontroller features:

CMOS technology:

For more information:

Here's a link to the PIC 16C84's manufacturer: Microchip Technology.

And, here's a link to a manufacturer of many PIC products: Parallax, Inc.

This is a pointer to the link to the GNUPIC page: GNUPIC

There's more information here: Andy's PIC Project Page

Don McKenzie maintains a large collection of PIC info, plus sells PC boards and kits here: Don's Workshop

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